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BIO 24b-%20Allopatry - Outline 24b-Allopatry December 1...

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1 11/14/2008 1 24b-Allopatry December 1 Continued (draft as of Nov 14) 11/14/2008 2 Outline Allopatry by • Dispersal • Vicariance 11/14/2008 3 Great online info http://evolution.berkeley.ed u/evosite/evo101/VSpeciat ion.shtml 11/14/2008 4 How does speciation happen? Allopatric speciation— 1. geographic isolation followed by 2. increased diversity may lead to 3. reproductive isolation 4. divergence into separate species reproductive isolation is the critical end result if new species are generated
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2 11/14/2008 5 Types of reproductive isolation { Prezygotic isolation individuals from different populations are unable to mate (gametes don’t meet)-but more than just physically/geographically separated { Postzygotic isolation individuals from different populations can breed, but the offspring produced have low or no fitness ( Table 26.1 ). 11/14/2008 6 Prezygotic reproductive isolation { Breed at different times { Breed in different habitats { Courtship is different { Egg & sperm are incompatible { Female & male genitalia are incompatible 11/14/2008 7
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