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Precis 3 - Ways to prevent Groupthink consist of imposing...

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Sara Steinberg Précis #3 Groupthink is a means of deliberating that group members use when their desire for unanimity overrides their motivation to judge all available plans of action. In Groupthink certain conditions (attitudes, values and behaviors) will encourage the willingness of group members to work together. Groups are prone to affiliative constraints (withholding our input so as not to face group rejection). Groups and decision-making is complex because when others are around us we become aroused and this can help or obstruct our performance of a given task. Group members may be apprehensive or anxious about the consequences that others bring to the group. The more cohesive a group is, the higher pressure there is on members to conform to the group standards. Group similarity, or homogeneity, and group insulation promote Groupthink. A leader’s bias and both internal and external stress cultivate Groupthink. When Groupthink occurs, we overestimate the group’s capabilities, become close-minded, and affected by the pressure toward uniformity.
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Unformatted text preview: Ways to prevent Groupthink consist of imposing accountability for ones actions, reporting unethical behaviors to others (whistle-blowing), allowing conscientious objectors, or requiring only a majority of support from the group. The quality of effort and the quality of thinking are essential to making decisions in groups. You get what you give. By allowing Groupthink to occur, we subconsciously hinder the reliability of our decisions. The best answer or suggestion may be ignored or overlooked due to pressure to maintain cohesion or unanimity. The reason we are in groups is so we have several minds working together to solve a problem or complete an assigned task; each member of a group should put in an equal amount of thought and effort into the decision or the task at hand. We all bring something different to the table and we can each help contribute to a group in ways that Groupthink might potentially mask....
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