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Sheet1 Page 1 Lecture 9 - Plant 1. green algae: unicellular, colonial, multicellular (immobile --> different from protist which can be mobile) a. watermelon snow: photosynthetic b. charales: really closely related to land plants 2. land plants: 1st to dominate the land (multicellular) a. followed by the invasion of fungi and animals b/c when land plants dominate, more o2 is produced on land/ b. land plants evolved by responding to the factors of survival on land such as dehydration, water needs, nutrients needs, etc. \ c. stomata: allows getting respiratory gases
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Unformatted text preview: d. how tall plants transport water:--> stomata opens so water transpires out, this allows water from bottom to be moved upward (pressures from bottom is high e--> this circulation system is called pressures deficit. 3. life cycle: a. type 3 (alternation of generation): isomorphic (iso-same, morphic-shape: sporophyte and gametophyte gen. look same) & h e b. in early plants to current plants: gametophyte dominance --> sporophyte dominance (evolutionary patterns)...
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