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BIO LECTURE 10 – Land Plant 1. 4 major of land plant: Nonvascular Seedless vascular 2. Nonvascular plant: a. Major characteristics: ground covering (living close to the ground because they don’t have true roots) simple water conduction tissue (hydroids) b. Liverworth is the basal group of nonvascular plant: have thallus (few cells thick) attached to rhizoid thallus have pores (but not stomata) 3. Vascular plant (seedless): a. major characteristics: vascular tissue with lignin (strong tissue to support growth) stomata true leaves and true roots most are homosporous and need water for sexual reproduction seedless vascular tissues: xylem (conducts water) and phloem (conducts nutrients) b. 4 major genus: Lycophyta (club mosses) Psilophyta (whisk ferns) undergoes evolutionary reversal
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Unformatted text preview: Sphenophyta (horsetail) similar to club mosses but possess nodes on stems Ferns have megaphyls called fronds c. Permian period: land drift apart so seed had an advantage to tackle the dry environment 4. Seed vascular (gymnosperm and angiosperm): a. major characteristics: mostly heterospores b. Gymnosperm: sexual fertilization is facilitated by pollen that is transferred by wind (water independent) c. major genus of gymnosperm: gnetophyta: - have features similar to angiosperm such as double fertilization-palm like-not angiosperm (but evolved by convergence)-ex: cycads, ginkgo biloba coniferophyta c. Angiosperm: monocots (vascular tissues are scattered) dicots (vascular tissues are arranged in circular): tend to be big and specialize in double fertilization...
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