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BIO 12 - Fungi 2 - 8 origin of fungi arose at the same time...

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Sheet1 Page 1 BIO 12 - FUngi 2 4. lichen: evolved from parasitic relationship (and start working together) 5. predacious fungi: killing living things by predating it and then absorb the nutrient 6. parasitic fungi: living dependent upon other organisms (only absorbing sugar/ carbs for energy) --> fighting fungus is hard because medication also affects yourself (cell organization and mechanism is similar to animals' ce --> why fungus produce antibiotics? competing with bacteria because both acts as decomposers --> fungi and animals are evolutionary related to each other ( cell works in similar way!) --> hijacking of giant ants: using the ant to disperse its spores at different location (brain is hijacked once the desired location 7. benefits of fungi: 1. production of antibiotic (penicillin, cyclosporin) 2. yeast (fermentation from sugars produce tangy or sour taste in breads) --> production of bread and cheese 3. produce toxins and other chemicals that are used for medical purpose (for synestesia, etc)
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Unformatted text preview: 8. origin of fungi: - arose at the same time as rhynie chert (first land plant)- closely related to animals - prototaxites: first fungi was tall and gigantic because there was no competition on land- fungi's life cycle: is type III/ alternation and generation 9. Major lineage/ groups (on tree of life): a. chytridiomycaota: parasitic species producing swimming gametes and spores--> major cause of amphibians loss of diversity (infects/ living parasitic in amphibibian) b. zygomycota (paraphyletic group): produce zygote and spores are dispersed in the air ( air is loaded with this fungal spores) c. glomeromycota d. basidiomycota: produce fruting bodies that we refer to mushroom--> god mushroom (red): associated with religious belief (contains neurological effects because the active contaminants are n o e. ascomycota: ascus/ sac like fruiting bodies structure (gametophyte generation is unicellular --> evolutionary reversal)...
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