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Sheet1 Page 1 BIO 13 - FUngi Life Cycle 1. Asexual reproduction: budding, and fragmentation 2. Sexual reproduction: producing spores 3. What makes spores good? Light, dry (so can avoid dessication b/c they are already dry) 4. One special group: Chytridiomycota (special lifecycle - alternation of generation, like plants) 5. in fungi, the haploid lifecycle undergoes heterokaryotic during fertilization.
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Unformatted text preview: So, nuclei from male game and nuclei from female gamete don't fuse. As a result, the zygote (n+n) produced have two separa 6. Most mushroom don't perform asexual reproduction (basidiomycota). 7. Conclusion: special feature that needs focusing is heterokaryon....
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