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T O P 1 0 R E A S O N S T O R E A D T H I S I N T R O D U C T I O N (EVEN IF IT ISN’T ASSIGNED) 10 You don’t want the only time you get a raise to be when the government increases the minimum wage. 9 You already bought the book, so you might as well get your money’s worth. 8 You can learn what professional behaviour is all about so you don’t suddenly find yourself all alone in your section of the classroom. 7 You need to know that a time management course is not a class on clock repair. 6 Most employers reject résumés written in crayon or looseleaf paper. 5 Not many job-producing résumés and interviews start with ‘‘Like, you know, this is, like, what I want to, like, do you know.’’ 4 Getting off to a good start in the course can improve your chances of getting a higher grade. 3 It must be important because the authors spent so much time writing it. 2 You want to run with the big dogs someday. And the number-one reason for reading this introductory section is . . . 1 It could be on a test. L EARNING THE S KILLS N EEDED TO S UCCEED T ODAY AND T OMORROW Your life is full. You’re starting a new semester and you’re feeling pulled in many directions. Why take time to read this introductory section? We lightheartedly offer our top 10 reasons to read it, but the real importance of this section to your success is no joking matter. The purpose of this introduction and of the entire text is to help you learn principles, strategies, and skills for success that will help you not only in this course but also in your career and entire life. Whether or not you learn these skills is up to you. Learning them won’t guarantee success, but not learning them------ well, you get the picture. We hope you invest the time to read the entire Getting Ready for Prime Time section. However, we realize that some parts of the material may be more relevant to your individual needs than others. To help you focus on the most important information for your needs, we’ve divided the material into three major categories: 1. Succeeding in This Course. A n overview of the skills you’ll need to succeed in this course and throughout school as well as the skills needed to succeed in your career after you complete your program. READ THIS SECTION BEFORE YOUR FIRST CLASS and make a great first impression! 2. Getting the Job You Want. G uidelines to finding and getting the job you want with emphasis on job search, résumé writing, and interviewing skills. This is an exciting and challenging time. Never before have there been more opportunities to become successful. And never before have there been more challenges. Success in any venture comes from understanding basic principles and having the skills to apply those principles effectively. What you learn now could help you be a success------ for the rest of your life. Begin applying these skills now to gain an edge on the competition. SUCCEEDING IN THIS COURSE
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