MGM 01 - 9 SEP - MGM 101 Introduction to Management...

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Welcome! Course Kick-off Tuesday, September 9, 2008 MGM 101 - Introduction to Management Functions WHERE AM I? WHAT AM I DOING HERE? Welcome to one of the top universities in the world… A vital course, whether you plan to do Management, Commerce, CCIT, or any other program at UofTM What others who’ve come before you said about MGM 101 & 102… A well-taught class. Prof JA cares about the course and students taking it. He takes good initiative in teaching the class clearly, answering/helping students with questions. Course content is very relevant as an intro to business, it is not too over-loading with complex information at such an early stage, but still meets requirements to provide good understanding of business.” Welcome to MGM 101 – a vital foundation course “This course is great!” “Great job Prof Appleyard! I am a 3rd year student and have experienced several different profs throughout my educational career and still consider Prof Appleyard as one of the best. Very caring, considerate, and simply a great guy! Good job and thank you.” “Prof. Appleyard has done a magnificent job in teaching both MGM 101 and MGM 102.” “James Appleyard is a brilliant professor. The structure of the course is very organized. The guest speakers provide good change for the course. Very pleased with overall experience.” “Overall this course has been a wonderful experience. I am impressed with the teachers for their excellence in teaching. Thank you!” … But just remember that in MGM 101, as in life, not everyone sees things the same way! “The instructors taught the course pretty well, but at times it got a bit boring .” “Overall, course is good - but tests should be easier.” “I like this course, but please make the tests easier.” “…the lectures are not that bad…” “Make the tests easier please!”
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Video: “Tips From a Few of Those Who Survived…” Professor James Appleyard, room KC212 campus office telephone: (905) 569-4735 email: through Blackboard website Education: University of Toronto – B.A. (International Relations) London School of Economics - M.Sc. University of Toronto (@ Rotman) – M.B.A. My ‘Other’ Job: Chief Operating Officer & Director – Artez Interactive Inc. Sit on several for-profit & not-for-profit Boards of Directors Who is this Appleyard fellow, anyway? Team instruction approach Several instructors participate in teaching this course ¾ Advantages - exposure to broad expertise & experiences, range of teaching styles Prof. Hugh Gunz (‘Managing People’ Sessions) Jan Klakurka (‘Operations Management’ Sessions) “I have enjoyed the guest lecturers and hearing a variety of opinions.” The Course Administrator – Kathy Falk For most matters, Kathy Falk will be your primary course contact outside the classroom – for test marking questions/ concerns, administrative questions about the course, extra help Kathy was the recipient of a 2005 University of Toronto Teaching Assistant Award What have past students said about Kathy?. ..
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MGM 01 - 9 SEP - MGM 101 Introduction to Management...

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