MGM 02 - 11 SEP - Key questions for today Housekeeping From...

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Thursday, September 11, 2008 MGM 101 - Introduction to Management Functions Housekeeping: From last class - any questions after reviewing the Course Outline? iStudy challenges…! ______________________________________________________ How do we use the social sciences in the study of management? What are the key activities of managers? What types of skills do managers need to develop? What are the attributes of effective leaders? Key questions for today “Management” – key aspect of the study of “organizations” What is an organization ? A ‘formal’ grouping – large or small - that may include people (employees, members, volunteers), money, ideas, tools, real estate, traditions, brands. • Most of our attention in this course will be on for-profit business organizations Why? By choice – other organizations are also important and have economic and social significance • In 2003 – 16.8% of workers in Canada were employed by governments; 5.7% by not-for-profits – About 3/4 of the economy is made up of for-profit businesses Social sciences and economics – frameworks for the study of management We frequently “borrow” terms, concepts, and frameworks from the Social Sciences in our study of management Social sciences include: economics, political science, psychology, Some key questions & ideas from social sciences that are important for study of management are: – How do peoples’ behaviors differ – when the act individually, in small groups; within large organizations? – How do big organizations get things done? Why do ‘bureaucracies’ tend to form in large organizations? – What are the characteristics of ‘effective’ leaders ? – How do leaders process information and make decisions ? – How do people communicate with each other? Under what circumstances are these communications effective/ ineffective? – In what ways do
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MGM 02 - 11 SEP - Key questions for today Housekeeping From...

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