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Sheet1 Page 1 MGM 5 - IT 2 1. internet is enormously powerful for business a. invention: - packet switching (packets of data can be sent from one member to another) - networks invented: catnet, gnet, etc - networks are connected - email invented: AOL in early 1990 - 1991: world wide web invented 2. internet, ecommerce, or ebusiness: used to be illegal to commerce on the internet a. ecommerce: sale of goods and services b. ebusiness: broader term such as researching competition (whenever internet is used for a business purpose, it's called ebu s other example of ebusiness: - checking email for business - researching stocks or bonds - looking for business data/ firm data - advertising using internet 3. web 2.0: users are actively involved within the generation of its content (user generated contenct) a. example of web 2.0: wikipedia, youtube, google, myspace, facebook 4. ebusiness: how Internet can add value to e business? a. search: search engine such as google is powerful for business purpose especially for secondary research
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