Prelab4 - Satvik Vanthenapalli CHM 2046L Pre-Lab 4...

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Unformatted text preview: Satvik Vanthenapalli 2/21/2010 CHM 2046L Pre-Lab 4: Complexometric Titrations THEORY Titration is an old and powerful technique for determining the amount of a particular material present in a solution. It is still a common technique because it is quick and easy to perform and you don't need expensive material. Many titrations are based on acid-base reactions, but those based on precipitation and complex ion formation are also common. Complexometric titrations are particularly useful for the determination of a mixture of different metal ions in solution. This is a good example of how complex equilibrium reactions can be used as indicators of specific events in solution. SAFETY a) Eye protection is important for this experiment and vented goggles are necessary b) A lab coat or apron c) Gloves d) closed-toed and non-absorbent shoes are a must e) Long pants and a shirt that covers the shoulder is a must Prelab questions 1) 2) This can be done by putting a small amount of the indicator in small beaker and adding distilled...
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Prelab4 - Satvik Vanthenapalli CHM 2046L Pre-Lab 4...

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