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Dubravko Martinovic Ethics Module 2 1. Video games are currently one of the most vaguely debated topics in modern society. The moral responsibility of video games is a tricky subject. Since individuals as well as video game producers have the power of choice, moral responsibility refers to the responsibility of individuals and the video game producers for the consequences of their choices. In today’s capitalistic world, video game makers have very little moral responsibilities when deciding what to put into their creative products; neither do have other forms of entertainment like the music industry or the movie industry. Unfortunately, ethical obligations don't have much weight in today’s business world where the most important thing is to earn a profit even if you have to produce very violent games. Whether you're doing the right thing is being judged by whether or not you're doing what you were told to do or what you are allowed to do. As a result, moral responsibility has been replaced by legal responsibility in the business world (see the tobacco or alcohol industry). So, video game makers have legally no moral responsibilities to teach values to their players, because “video games qualify as a form of expression that is protected under the First Amendment” (Takahashi, 2004). So, the game creator has the freedom to display whatever he/she wishes to. There is the
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Dubravko_Martinovic_Ethics_Module_2 - Dubravko Martinovic...

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