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ChemQ.4 - o C rather than room temperature Most gasses are...

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Kory Nieuwkoop Quiz 4 1. (3 pts) If you were to increase the temperature of any reaction conducted in the lab, what effect would that have on the following thermodynamic and kinetic properties (increase, decrease, no effect, etc.). Briefly explain. A. Rate would increase because of direct relationship of r = k(T)[A] m [B] n B. Keq would increase because of direct relationship of K eq = e -ΔG/RT C. ΔH would have no effect because ΔH is not related to temperature D. Ea would have no effect because it is independent of temperature 2. (2 pts) Explain the following in a couple of sentances A. Explain why the hybridization of a carbocation is sp 2 . Because it has only three shared pairs of electrons around the carbon which is only 3 orbitals and the p orbital is empty. B. Explain why to minimize the formation of unwanted byproducts (minor products) of a reaction, a reaction could be run at minus 20
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Unformatted text preview: o C rather than room temperature. Most gasses are stable at room temp, but start to polymerize at lower temps. Lowering the temperature would create less impurities by not allowing the reaction to complete fully, which allows only the major products to form. 3. (2 pts) Rank the following reactive intermediates in order of decreasing stability. I II III IV A. I>II>III>IV B. II>I>III>IV C. I>II>IV>III D. II>I>IV>III 4. (3 pts) Predict the major product for the reactions shown below and show the mechanism of action in single steps including the initiation, propagation and one termination step. This exercise should be completed using ISIS draw or using the scribble tool in Word. The mechanism for this is: 1. Br – Br Br• + Br• 2. Br• + Br – H + • 3. Br – Br + • Br• +...
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