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ChemQ.1 - Mondays 3(2 pts How are the quiz scores used in...

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Quiz #1 This Quiz is to be submitted on-line no later than Wednesday September 3rd at 11:55 pm. Every quiz submitted after that time will have 0.5 points removed per 6 hour period. No quiz will be accepted after 24 hours. If you are unsure of how to submit this quiz on-line, please ask Dr. Hyde before class on Wednesday. Good Luck. 1. (3 pts) The pre-lab write ups for the laboratory are due at a very different day and time than other assignments. A. When are the pre-lab assignments due? Thursdays as you enter class B. Where are they to be turned in? Lab class 2. (2 pts) Nearly all homework assignments are due on one particular day of the week. What day of the week are these assignments usually due?
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Unformatted text preview: Mondays 3. (2 pts) How are the quiz scores used in the determination of the course grade? The accumulated quiz score will be averaged with your lowest exam score. 4. (1 pt each) Indicate if each of the statements are true or false. A. If a student wears prescription glasses, they do not need to wear other type of glasses during lab. False B. If a student always wears their laboratory coat, it is ok if they wear shorts or skirts to the laboratory. False C. If a student is bothered by noise in a classroom during an exam, it is acceptable to listen to music on an ipod or some other mp3 device? False...
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