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The Queen's University of Belfast FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES 105FOE101 Mathematics 1 and 105CIV216 Additional Mathematics 2 Professor W. Sha (w.sha@qub.ac.uk), David Keir Building Room 1002 Overview This course seeks to cover engineering mathematics topics that are deemed to be essential to a professional civil engineer. This is an objective that is shared between this half-module and a second half-module taken in the second semester, however, with the emphasis in this half-module being put on basic algebra, functions and calculus. Learning Outcomes Successful completion of this module will lead to the following learning outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding of Polynomials Other mathematic functions Complex numbers Non-linear equation Differentiation and its applications Integration and its applications Intellectual abilities You will be able to: Manipulate, factor and solve functions and equations containing elementary mathematical functions. Use complex numbers to extend mathematically models. Solve systems of non-linear equations. Differentiate and integrate a range of functions. Apply differentiation and integration to the mathematical modelling of engineering applications. Practical skills You will be able to: Use mathematics to model engineering problems. Think logically. Transferable skills The course will enhance the following skills: Solve engineering problems through mathematical analysis. Solve non-routine problems. Learn independently. Syllabus Polynomials, other mathematic functions, complex numbers, non-linear equation, differentiation and its applications, integration and its applications Background Reading Text Modern Engineering Mathematics, Glyn James, Addison Wesley Engineering Mathematics, K.A. Stroud, Palgrave Mathematics for Engineers, A. Croft, R. Davidson, Pearson/Prentice Hall A Guide to Microsoft Excel, Bernard V. Liengme, Arnold Foundation Maths, Anthony Croft and Robert Davison, Prentice Hall Higher Engineering Mathematics, John Bird, Newnes Provisional lecture timetable 1
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Lecture Topic 1 Polynomials:- The basic shape, factorisation of polynomials in linear and irreducible quadratic factors. 2 Multiplication and division with polynomials, completing the square and partial fractions. 3 The laws of indices, the function x y a = and x y e = , the log function and its rules. 4-5 Trigonometric functions:- Definition, formulae, inverse functions. 6 ( 29 A sin t ϖ - γ form. Hyperbolic functions:- Definition, formulae, inverse functions. 7 Non-linear functions:- Graphical solution, bisection method, Newton's method. 8 Complex numbers:- Definition of j , plotting on an Argand Diagram, modulus and argument. 9 Complex numbers:- Addition, multiplication and division. 10 Graphical approach to differentiation, the definition of a derivative, the derivatives of simple functions.
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Handout - The Queen's University of Belfast FACULTY OF...

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