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Answer to some - Answer to some of the comments by last years students Handout More detailed handout include worked examples Have more formulae

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Answer to some of the comments by last year’s students Handout “More detailed handout, include worked examples” “Have more formulae that are essential at most areas of the subjects” “Notes not being available online after lecture” The handout is designed to complement the notes to be taken down during lectures. If I gave everything in the handout, and students didn’t need to take any notes during a lecture, it could be difficult for some students to concentrate during a lecturing class because they might feel that “they had nothing to do”. Taking notes keeps the students busy during a lecture. In addition, writing notes can help you memorise better what has been taught. “Exercises much more difficult to understand than lecture material” “Didn’t cover in lectures a lot of things required to complete tutorial questions” This is exactly what tutorial classes are for. The demonstrators and the lecturers are there on hand and willing to explain those difficult exercises during tutorial classes. Lecturing
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