Lab. NB - Laboratory Notebook The laboratory notebook is...

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Laboratory Notebook: The laboratory notebook is the most important document in the research laboratory. It is a legal document and is used for patent applications, patent infringement lawsuits, etc. Though this is not a research lab but a teaching lab, it is important to learn how to write a laboratory notebook. For each lab, there will be three sections in the notebook: the introduction section, the experimental and observations section and the conclusions section. The introduction section will usually be referred to as the “pre-lab” and the experimental and observations and conclusions sections will usually be referred to as the “post-lab.” Each section is valued approximately according the grading scheme shown at the end of this document. Each section should be filled out sequentially in the lab notebook. You will turn in the duplicate pages (usually the yellow/blue pages). The introduction session (often referred to as the pre-lab) is due as you walk into the lab . The rest of the laboratory write- up is then due the next week on Monday by 5:00 and should be turned in to Dr. Hyde. Even though labs will be conducted in pairs, each student is required to complete their own lab notebook. Writings in the lab notebook, especially the conclusion, should be written in each student’s own creative thought and word. If the writings are the same, the partners will share the points. The notebook should be clear and easy to read . Points will be removed if any section is difficult for the grader to read. Introduction Section. Must be completed before arriving at the lab and will be turned in at the beginning of lab. These instructions are also detailed on page 31 in your laboratory text. 1. On the top of the first page of a new lab, write the title of the lab, the date of the lab and the name of you and your lab partner(s). 2.
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Lab. NB - Laboratory Notebook The laboratory notebook is...

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