E3-Determination of Chemical Formulae

E3-Determination of Chemical Formulae - Determination of...

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Determination of Chemical Formulae. by Lab Instructor: September 17, 2009
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Experiment 3 - Determination of Chemical Formulae. Introduction Using the reaction of granular zinc metal and Iodine, an experiment was performed in an acidic aqueous solution to determine the chemical formulae of Zinc Iodide synthesized. The empirical formula of Zinc Iodide was determined as Zn x I y . Part 1- Synthesis of Zinc Iodide. Procedure I massed clean and dry test tube and recorded the data. 1.992 g of granular zinc metal were transferred to test tube using weighing paper. The test tube containing zing metal was re-massed (to nearest milligram). The mass of added zinc was determined by subtracting the previously recorded masses. To the same tube, I added 2.043 g of Iodine crystals (special care not to lose any crystal). The test tube containing Zing and Iodine was massed to determine the amount of Iodine. These results were recorded (see table 1). Added 6 drops of 6M CH 3 COOH to 10 ml of de-ionized H 2 O in graduated cylinder. Added 5 ml of solution to Zinc-Iodide mixture. Mixed and recorded observations while reaction was taking place. After 10-15 minutes, the solution was colorless and zinc granules in excess were visible. Massed another dry and clean test tube and added boiling stone. I recorded the
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E3-Determination of Chemical Formulae - Determination of...

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