Socio-cultural _lecture2

Socio-cultural _lecture2 - Socio-Cultural ANT Lecture I I....

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Unformatted text preview: Socio-Cultural ANT Lecture I I. CULTURE AND MEANING 1. Review 2. How can we understand cultural differences? 3. Working definition of culture? 4. How do anthropologists study cultural differences? 5. What is Culture in an age of globalization? 1. Review Core theoretical/ conceptual move in Socio-cultural ANT- De-naturalize, De-center, de-stabilize conventional understanding of how the world is. ( Copernicus, Freud, Darwin, Derrida ) Notion of Culture- Preliminary understanding : earliest uses of culture within the discipline of ANT- Concept of culture developed by Franz Boas contextualize , S (Colonialism, age of discovery, industrialization..) S, culture( * a way of critiquing scientific racism . - Scientific racism: application of evolutionary theory to human civilizations, and arranging civilizations in a hierarchy. Criticized this view by arguing that many of the characteristics of human diversity cannot be explained through race. Human diversity fundamentally born of learning, nurture not nature. - De-centering, dismantling concept HOWEVER, S use . Cultural Racism - The way in which we use the culture concept is in the same as we used to use the concept of race. - Culture as something static, persistent, enduring, pertaining to a bounded group of individuals rather than fluid. - When used in this way, the culture concept is essentially another form of racism. Globalization =?= homogenization? - Discussion of globalization as a homogenizing force appeals to this conservative notion of culture. - Appiahs 2 kinds of orientation toward culture 1) fundamentalism/ conservatism 2) cosmopolitan ( a view of culture as opening up to other cultures ) 2. Cultural differences (Ethnocentrism vs. Cultural (Ethnocentrism vs....
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Socio-cultural _lecture2 - Socio-Cultural ANT Lecture I I....

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