ANT100 Y1 course notes compilation - A NT100 Y1 Section 4,...

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ANT100 Y1 – Section 4, lecture 2 Thursday march 3, 2010 Review Culture by boas – criticized “the view” that many characteristics of human diversity cannot be explained through race; its fundamentally born of learning; of nurture, not nature o Culture comes through learning (ex. assimilation into the Canadian/ American culture) o Destabalizes old ways of looking at things “cultural racism” – the way we start to use culture conceptis the way we used the concept of race; rather than seeing culture that is flexible and always changing, we see it as something static, persistent, belongs to a certain group of individuals. o Culture concept is another form of racism in this way 2 types orientation of culture that exists global o Fundamentalism, conservatism – change o Associates with the “cosmopolitan” – opening into other cultures How do we understand cultural differences? Ethnocentrism vs. Cultural Relativism Social practices that at one time or another that have been the subject of controversies – heighten the sence of boundaries between cultures o Ex. if seek men should be allowed to wear scarves when are mountees; women who wear a vail must remove it during government photos o These controversies cause discussion that highlight what people think to be unbridgeable gaps between cultures o In these controversies, we see examples of ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism – belief that its culture is the central culture; its at the moral center of the universe; decentering one culture in relation to another o Belief that one culture is standard by which practices in other cultures are understood and judged o Two forms: Either measures other cultures through a hierarchy (ladder of civilization – primitive to innovative; modernization; (where some countries are “underdeveloped”)) (sometimes we see that ways of
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ANT100 Y1 course notes compilation - A NT100 Y1 Section 4,...

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