Chapter1 - Chapter1 Language in the global village 1 Int ro...

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Chapter1. Language in the global village 1. Intro - Advent of language dependence on culture - Language has enabled humans to. . Enter meaningful communication Intercultural Communication - Affect intersubjective modes of communication - Radically alter traditional languages & cultures Koine ( =lingua franca ) - Community-specific communicative functions h ª generic medium of communication between peoples of different backgrounds . - E.g. MSA, Russian, Spanish Global Linguistics - Study of how a koine is used and how it develops 2. Intercultural Communication (IC) - Exchange of verbal messages between individuals from different linguistic- cultural background with a common language ( koine OR multi-lingual communication ) - Koine one form of multi-lingual communication. ˜ ˜ Ú ¹è ª ª * X . Linguistic Calque 1) Culture-specific meaning X 0´ª * áU ³ * è 2) Lexical interference : using cognates erroneously (e.g. librarie/library) 1. Interference : ‘language mixing’ - change/ generating new language Pidgin & Creole - È @«E 7 . 1) Pidgin : when people of different language backgrounds are brought together in specific situations 2) Creoles : pidgin standardization ˜ ¡Ú è * ¶ª* X•0 . - pidgin 2 develop . Testimony to the powerful instinct in humans to create language on the basis of need. IC as pidginization : adstratum forces ‘ global dialects’ of English È . 2. Communication in the global village ˜Ö y è* ªE
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: a message can be interpreted correctly ONLY IF ˆñª ª * structural & conceptual knowledge built into the language ˜ Ú ¹ * ª¶ ª X . Verbal Programming 1) Pragmatic dimension : language used as a means of interaction : depends on participants’ common understanding of the social situation, inferences drawn from subtle cues 2) Logico-semantic dimension : language used to represent the world : reasoning about the world through valid inference schemes : crucially relies on a control of the metaphorical strategies ( enables native speakers to conceptualize the world in a certain light – e.g. money as liquid ) Argumentative strategies - dimension ¨ ª ª . -
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Chapter1 - Chapter1 Language in the global village 1 Int ro...

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