Chapter 2 - Chapter 2. Speech 1. Intro Langue : linguistic...

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Chapter 2. Speech 1. Intro Langue : linguistic competence Parole : speaking in a meaningful or purposeful way Intrinsic dualism Language is a highly adaptive and context-sensitive communicative instrument Internal structures of language : pliable to verbal interaction & subtle influences that talking has on them. - Related to the ‘usage principle’ 2. Dialogue Bakhtinian concept of Dialogue Dialogue , how verbal parole works and how it differs from langue . How language is used for various social functions Dialogue as a primary means through which people communicate meaningfully with each other. 1. Didactic and philosophical functions - Dialogue as a purposeful conversation between people - Knowledge-gaining strategy - Socrates – means for achieving self-knowledge - Instinctive. Defines internal thought processes - Plato – use of dialogue in philosophical inquiry - Scholasticism – “debated question” - Various European thinkers in philosophical and scientific inquiry - Galileo – Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems - Buddhist argumentation and dialectics 2. Social and interaction function - Dialogue : prototype of language use in social context, not a simple vehicle for the passive exchange of information. Listener is in an active responsive attitude - *Dialogue legitimizes the importance and social value of interlocuters, revealing the relations that hold among them
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2. Speech 1. Intro Langue : linguistic...

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