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Early Hominin Speceis - Erra Genus/Species Time Period...

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Unformatted text preview: Erra Genus/Species Time Period Location Tool Traditions Distinct Features Ape/hominin features Femur evidence Bipedal ­Adapt Climbers Canines reduced sexual dimorphism """"""""""""""" Distinctive Flat face ­Morphologicaly similar Small canines and to australopithecines incisers ­lack sectoral premolar ­Adept tree climbers ­Ape features ­Small Brain, Large Face, Large teeth, Small Parallel Tooth Row Sagittal Crest­Muscle in body ­Footprint the head, moves when Proves Bipedal you chew ­Larger than other speceis ­Heal­ Differed because of toe walking teath ­less ape­ Sagittous Crest primative like diveloped and big cheeck bones ­Space for chewing muscles ­Shows evolution non­linear Bun on back of head ­Biggest teath of all of them ­Thin enamle, ate something hard ­Somewhere in hominin tree Less Robust­ Thinner Transitiona Sahelanthropus 7 MYA l Hominins Tchadensis Orrorin Tugenensis Ardipithecus Ramidus Ardipithecus Kadabba Kenyanthropous Platyops Australopit hecines 4.4 MYA Wed Aftica Kenya Ethiopia 5.8­5.6 Mya Ethiopia West Kenya Central, East, Southern Africa A. Anamensis A. Afarensis Lasted long time A. Africanus A. Aethiopicus A. Boisei A. Robustus Homo Genus Lower Paliolithic Habilis Rodolfensis 2.5MYA­ 100KYA bones, larger brains, Aftrica Oldowan (pebble choppers) """"""" Erectus Ergaster Heidelbergensis Antecessor (First to leave Acheulian Africa) Spain Used Fire ­Hunted (cut marks) If corect (would be first to get out of africa and go to Europe) ­Evidence found was not adult Middle Paleolithic Neanderthalensis Floresiensis Sapiens (Us) 300­40 KYA Upper Plaeolithic 40­20 KYA Mousterian Most powerfull of all ­(Levallois people ­ Method) First to have chins ­Rounder skull ­like erectus, we controlled fire ­also burry dead like neanderthalls (we were aroudn the same time as neanderthals) ...
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  • Spring '10
  • Watts,Lehman,Danesi,Barker
  • Anthropology, homo erectus, Hominins Tchadensis Orrorin Tugenensis Ardipithecus  Ramidus Ardipithecus  Kadabba Kenyanthropous  Platyops Australopit, Bipedal              ­Adapt Climbers, Mya Ethiopia West, head                 ­Biggest teath, teath     ­less ape­

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