ANT100 SC Section Summary - Religion and Science 1. What is...

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ANT100 – Socio-Cultural Section – Week Five Prof. Joshua Barker, Wed. 4-5pm, AP228 Family (con’t) 4. How do we denaturalize the nuclear family? Household memberships (nuclear, extended in Toronto, extended in South India, Dayak longhouse) Post-marriage residence (neolocal, patrilocal, matrilocal, avunculocal (bride’s mother’s brother) Marriage bond: ‘romantic love’ vs arranged marriage Family relations as basis for reproduction of society Levi-Strauss: incest taboo and exogamy, marriage systems of direct and indirect exchange, marriage in a circle, exchange of goods, hierarchies Forces of change: changing economy, political struggle and contestation, new technologies 5. How do new reproductive technologies denaturalize family relations? IVF, sperm banks, surrogacy, etc. Biological vs social parenthood A new field for kinship studies around the world
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Unformatted text preview: Religion and Science 1. What is it like to encounter beliefs that differ radically from our own? Mobile Police Brigade and magic in Indonesia Belief vs Knowledge 2. How do we make sense of such beliefs? Tylor on animism Social explanations: Durkheim on religion and its relation to the social; the origins of religion Van Gennep on ritual and its relation to social structure Cultural explanations: Evans-Pritchard on Azande witchcraft Scientific explanations for accidents vs witchcraft explanations A society without accidents? Secondary elaborations in witchcraft and science Peter Winch relativizing science 3. How does our understanding of other beliefs affect our view of scientific knowledge? Anthropology of science: making the familiar strange...
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ANT100 SC Section Summary - Religion and Science 1. What is...

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