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ANT100 SC Section Summary - Religion and Science 1 What is...

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ANT100 – Socio-Cultural Section – Week Five Prof. Joshua Barker, Wed. 4-5pm, AP228 Family (con’t) 4. How do we denaturalize the nuclear family? Household memberships (nuclear, extended in Toronto, extended in South India, Dayak longhouse) Post-marriage residence (neolocal, patrilocal, matrilocal, avunculocal (bride’s mother’s brother) Marriage bond: ‘romantic love’ vs arranged marriage Family relations as basis for reproduction of society Levi-Strauss: incest taboo and exogamy, marriage systems of direct and indirect exchange, marriage in a circle, exchange of goods, hierarchies Forces of change: changing economy, political struggle and contestation, new technologies 5. How do new reproductive technologies denaturalize family relations? IVF, sperm banks, surrogacy, etc. Biological vs social parenthood A new field for kinship studies around the world
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Unformatted text preview: Religion and Science 1. What is it like to encounter beliefs that differ radically from our own? • Mobile Police Brigade and magic in Indonesia • Belief vs Knowledge 2. How do we make sense of such beliefs? • Tylor on animism • Social explanations: • Durkheim on religion and its relation to the social; the origins of religion • Van Gennep on ritual and its relation to social structure • Cultural explanations: • Evans-Pritchard on Azande witchcraft • Scientific explanations for accidents vs witchcraft explanations • A society without accidents? • Secondary elaborations in witchcraft and science • Peter Winch relativizing science 3. How does our understanding of other beliefs affect our view of scientific ‘knowledge’? • Anthropology of science: making the familiar strange...
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