ANT100 – SC Section – Week One - Bullets

ANT100 – SC Section – Week One - Bullets

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ANT100 – Socio-Cultural Section – Week One Prof. Joshua Barker, AP228 1. What is socio-cultural anthropology? A textbook definition: how SCA differs from Bio, Arch, and Ling Geertz: a definition based on what we do 2. What is it that socio-cultural anthropologists do? Research practices: fieldwork and participant observation Analytic practices: making familiar strange and strange familiar - Derrida: Decentering, denaturalizing, deconstruction - E.g. Copernicus, Darwin, Freud and the critique of anthropocentrism - E.g. Sensory anthropology and the critique of natural perception 3. How is this section of the course going to be organized?
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Unformatted text preview: Test and exam may include anything covered in the lectures (oral, powerpoint, film) and anything in the textbook 4. What is culture? A preliminary answer. Kroeber and Kluckhohn on culture Boas on culture vs. race 5. What is culture in an age of globalization? Globalization, cultural homogenization and cultural imperialism The noble savage and salvage anthropology Arjun Appadurais theory of globalization George Marcus and Kwame Anthony Appiah on culture in an age of globalization The anthropologist as cosmopolitan...
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