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eth 125Modern Challenges in Immigration ck pt

eth 125Modern Challenges in Immigration ck pt - reasons for...

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Modern Challenges in Immigration: As a United States born citizen with many family members who came to this country as immigrants, I do have reservations when it comes to allowing immigrants in to our country. If the United States are going to allow immigrants to reside there should not be ant favoritism allowed. Although one group may not bring as many benefits to the U.S. as another or one group may be associated with terrorism, this is a stereotype that may not fit all members of that group. When it comes to granting citizenship it should not come down to who is what or the reason why they are coming to our country, citizenship should be granted on first come first serve. Many may not be beneficial to us but have other
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Unformatted text preview: reasons for coming here and if we are going to allow immigrants it should be a fair process. Third world countries and those riddled with violence may have more of a need to be here but should be given priority; we are allowing all of these individuals into our country while our country is in crisis. All of the time, effort and money spent on this process are adding to our nation’s debt and economical struggles. Granted the United States may provide a better life for these individuals, what about improving the lives of the current citizens and economical state....
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