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What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to me? To me race is a word that is tossed around and abused in today’s society. Race is something that I have acquired not by choice but because of what my parents were. My race should not affect what people think of me, be the reason why I get a job, the reason society looks down on me or the reason that my relationships are judged. In America too much time is spent on blaming people’s actions on race instead of focusing on the true issues. I embrace my race and am proud to tell of the mixture that I am, I do not have one race in me and am glad. Blending with all and loving many. We live in such a fast paced society that many of us have lost the traditions that have been instilled in us as children. Ethnicity, sharing heritages and beliefs while passing these beliefs from generation to generation. As a child getting together and celebrating holidays as a family,
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Unformatted text preview: religious beliefs set firm and sure to be remembered, the stories of our ancestors told over rice and beans and dancing. As the years pass so do the elders, the parties dwindle down, the family seperates through divorces and death. Now I am an adult and wonder how such a strong and tight family managed to loose touch, trying to keep family that is near close and my own family closer. The U.S. lacks family unity and does not stress the importance of bonding, displaying images of war, struggles and negative images. Media displays video games and technological advances assuring any growing child to fall in to the grips of gaming. Why spend time with your family when you can spend countless hours in front of a television being entertained by a color tube?...
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