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When looking to learn about races and ethnicity within the United States I like to see numbers and facts. I learned the most through the census and percentages; this has given me a better understanding of the different minority groups in the United States. I was surprised as I did not expect the numbers to reflect as they did. I now know of all of the different races and the number of each that resides in the Unites States. Asian Americans made the most impact on me with their hard work ethic and the high success rate in education and continuing education. Culturally I have learned that Puerto Ricans feel strongly about Machismo; previously I did not know what this was. I also learned that the women usually make the decision on what food is to be served. I was raised to ask the man what he wanted to eat. I can say that we are very family oriented and do look to our
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Unformatted text preview: elders. In regards to immigration it is hard to say what 2050 will look like. This depends on the government and if they tighten their immigration standards and border controls. However I can say we are facing an even more diverse Nation. The face of America is a beautiful multi-cultural portrait. The important thing for the future is acceptance for diversity in employment, religion, education, society and politics. The most important thing that the country can do to best prepare for the changing race and ethnicity of its current and future citizens is to educate and lead by example. Without education and knowledge we are setting we up to fail and change will not be accepted....
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