com220 - 15. A University and Valley should be capitalized....

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Ite m Correct Answer (a or b) Rationale 1. b I believe this is the non sexist version, using his and her. 2. A Non sexist version, leaving out girl. 3. B Non racist leaving out the unnesceary Muslim. 4. B Non racist , leaving race out. Cuban Amer. Not important. 5. B Left out four year old making it non ageist. 6. B Why a younger person, Second version left age specific out. 7. a Had too many detailed about disabilities making B correct. 8. A Raw fish is culturally specific. Not necessary to go into details. 9. B First is correct containg a period. 10. A Sentence is incomplete, B is finished properly. 11. B The first is correct as “as” breaks it up. 12. b B is correct no need for semi colon 13. B B incorrect; believe and occurrence are spelled wrong, 14. a A incorrect, commitment has 2 t’s and there is also wrong.
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Unformatted text preview: 15. A University and Valley should be capitalized. 16. B The d in December should be upper case as well as Mc in Mc Donalds. 17. B Its the t should be followed by a and s, 18. B Children is plural, should contains at the end. 19. A Ours should have a apostrophe following the r 20. B Contains too many semicolons. Only needs one and a comma. 21. A Semi colons should follow the states, commas follow cities. 22. B No need for a colon, commas are in correct place. 23. A Commas in incorrect places and too many of them. 24. B B has the correct placement of the comma, breaking the sentence up properly. 25. A No need for a comma followed by and....
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com220 - 15. A University and Valley should be capitalized....

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