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Introduction: In America approximately 30,000 lives are taken in senseless acts involving guns. Why? Why do people feel the need to take the life of another human being? Well there are many answers, anger, revenge, hatred, for some it is the only life that they know. Many have only lived in the streets, a game of survival, gangs, guns, drugs and money which often leads to violence or homicide. Many of our children are getting into this lifestyle and as a end result getting killed or becoming the killer. Did you know that 19 children are killed each day which amounts to 41% of firearm deaths? Could you imagine getting a call from your child’s school saying that there was just a mass killing and your child was killed? This is the reality of today and it must end. Some
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Unformatted text preview: say with new laws in effect to curb violence and gun control that we will see a decrease in violence and homicides. Conclusion: Hopefully society will realize how precious the gift of life is and stop taking it for granted. Keep our children out of the ground and the prisons and keep them home where they belong. If we took the 2.3 billion dollars each year it took for gun related medical costs and put the money towards gun safety education for our youth we would not be in such a crisis. Take a step back and look at your community and see what you can do, support the laws to curb violence and gun control and maybe your community will be the next to see the decrease it deserves....
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