Christianity In the City

Christianity In the City - Christianity in the City Shannon...

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Christianity in the City Shannon M. Turpyn Axia College ! “Welcome to Bethel Christian Fellowship”, this is how I was greeted by a long time friend with a group of his church friends. Our day began with a tour of the church. The first thing that I noticed was the flags, they had flags of every country hanging and to me that was a nice touch.
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The church had a capacity of 300 and on most days was full. The building had beautiful stained glass windows with pictures of Jesus, Isaiah and Mary. Places for children to learn the word were present, for those too small to attend regular service and those old enough to understand the importance of religion. It is now time for me to sit with my friend Cuevas; we have long discussed this day and have no anticipated my attendance in this manner. I have some questions for him. The (S) will represent me, Shannon and the (C) will represent my subject for interview Cuevas Walker. “Cuevas, how do you feel about religions in schools? Some fighting to remove it and some are against it?” (C) “ I think school is a place for education of the mind, if a parent feels that strongly about education and religion than they need to send their child to religion based school. If a school has I than fine, but let’s not get too carried away and lose focus on what is important and that is the children and their need for education and positive role models.” (S)
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Christianity In the City - Christianity in the City Shannon...

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