com 150 final project topic- wk 1 dq

com 150 final project topic- wk 1 dq - plan on getting my...

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The Art of Tattoos, yes it is an art. I have chose tattoos for my final project; I have decided to pick this topic because in todays society the”tattooed” are often frowned upon. I myself have fourteen tattoos working a large dialysis clinic with approximately 90 - 100 patients a day and 98 % of them love the idea. In my project I would like to go into two topics, the first is why they are so popular amongst today’s youth and on the flip side why they are frowned upon by others. I
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Unformatted text preview: plan on getting my information by interviewing people on both sides and also by utilizing the web. I think this will be interesting for me because I have always wondered why people are so offended by body art if it does not affect them. I also wonder why people go so far with tattoos and cover their whole body and face. This will be a good informational topic....
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