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com 150 charecteristics of expository essays

com 150 charecteristics of expository essays - views and...

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“Art of Cookery” The characteristics that make this an expository essay are, the author focused on the topic and was very informative and explanatory. They also listed the steps of setting a table, laying out the dishes and silver ware in order; explaining in full detail why. I believe the author has used the informative process, insuring in full detail the readers understand the process of setting a table the proper way. Also explained was the correct was to present a meal, being careful not to over accessorize. In conclusion I believe the author chose this type of organization for his essay because most effective way of relaying the message without confusing the reader, it was also smart for the author to number the important details making it easy for myself and readers to follow. “To Fillet Fish” The characteristics that make this an expository essay are, the author is presenting others
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Unformatted text preview: views and opinion about the best way to fillet a fish and the taste of a fish. The author is very informative and definitive about his reasoning and rationale. The organization used to develop this essay was time order, he clearly listed the steps needed to fillet a fish, and he also used information process clearly giving the proper information needed to fillet a fish. I believe the author used multiple organization types for this essay because it was most effective in relaying his message. These essays were alike because they both use the informative process. Both are thorough and very definitive in the topics at hand. The differences was the first essay much shorter and to the point. Listed the important steps by number and had no opinions. The second essay had many opinions, listed multiple processes and was longer than needed. It also utilized diagrams which the first did not....
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