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com 105 ck point the writing process - now more structured...

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Previous to entering into this class my writing process was not very structured. I would just write and not really worry about how it looked to the person reading it. My grammar and spelling were not as broad as they are now, also I never used spell check and I used words that weren't ad definitive as they should be. Occasionally I would proof read what I wrote but never as thorough as I should have, missing many errors. I believe the easiest step in the writing process is remaining focused and on topic, I try very hard to remain informative an explanatory. When a topic is given to me to write about I like to believe that my paper will be number one and I try to reflect that in my writing. Also I am
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Unformatted text preview: now more structured in my writing and like to portray that when writing, listing things in order as they occur. I am a very opinionated and passionate individual; therefore the hardest the hardest step for me would to present others views completely and fairly without involving my personal feelings or views. I believe the only way for me to overcome this is practice and to have control over my thoughts. I believe by doing this I will remain more focused on the topic and the important details refraining from letting my feelings overcome me. Shannon Turpyn...
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