com220incorporating statistics (FINAL)

com220incorporating statistics (FINAL) - as presenting them...

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In my paper “Gun Control and Violence“I plan on incorporating statistics, charts and possibly some pictures. I believe these visual aides will be most appropriate following the paragraphs in which the information that the charts include. I chose to place these visuals in these places because to me reading the information is good but then visualizing the information is a better way to retain the information. Visuals will strengthen my argument by giving my audience a better understanding of the data that is being presented, also visuals will keep the readers focused
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Unformatted text preview: as presenting them with too much written information sometimes is overwhelming and visuals are a good way of giving the mind a break. In my first visual I am going to use a chart and in my chart I would like to shoe the number of individuals killed in gun related or violent crimes. Non Fatal Firearm Related Violent Crimes 1993-2005 This pie chart is showing how many people was either killed or injured in gun related incidents in 2005, the largest of the group was homicide followed by suicide....
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com220incorporating statistics (FINAL) - as presenting them...

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