com220 full sentence outline (final)

com220 full sentence outline (final) - G un V iolenc e I. G...

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I. Guns and violence are out of hand in today’s society. A. In 1996 there were over 34,000gun related deaths. 1. The United Stated leads the world in gun related deaths. 2. A study showed people feel safer carrying a gun making a gun related crime more likely to occur. B. Why do individuals believe gun violence is the answer? 1. Many people say that individuals turn to guns as a result of the media and music. 2. The stereotype that people are a product of their environment are often applied, guns are a means to survival in some environments. II. Children are not only becoming victims but also predators. A. Children are being killed at younger ages and in more violent ways. 1. Between 2001 – 2005 there were 60 child homicide deaths under age 12 ( ). 2. Child deaths account for 8-14% of all homicides. B. Predators are not only adult but are young children. 1. The laws against child offenders are not as harsh as others making it easy for child offenders to get off easier. 2. Many children offenders are left with no parental guidance
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com220 full sentence outline (final) - G un V iolenc e I. G...

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