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NAME: ___________________________________________________________ (PLEASE PRINT) EMAIL: ___________________________________________________________ CEE 498 CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT Spring 2005 Video Class MIDTERM EXAM March 5, 2005 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. THE WORK YOU SUBMIT FOR GRADING MUST BE YOUR OWN. STUDENTS WHO GIVE OR RECEIVE IMPROPER ASSISTANCE ON THIS EXAMINATION ARE SUBJECT TO UNIVERSITY PROCEDURES ON ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT. 2. TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR COMPUTATIONAL QUESTIONS, YOU MUST PROVIDE ENOUGH DETAIL TO INDICATE HOW YOU ARRIVED AT YOUR SOLUTIONS. 3. You may write in any clarifications or assumptions you think are necessary. 4. There are 11 questions, for a total of 100 points. The number of points possible per part of each question is indicated in boldface to the left of the question. 5. The exam contains 8 pages including this cover page. 6. You have to submit the exam before the due date (May 11th, 2005). 1
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1. Please list five characteristics of the construction industry. Fragmented Long History Nonrepetitive Lack of Data Lack of Standardization 2. List 4 types of construction industry. Residential Commercial and Institutional Infrastructure Industrial 3. What does the acronym LABOR stand for? L___Look for their interests_________ A___Accept – Labor for who they are_ B___Build a relationship___________ O____Opportunity for partnership___ R____Respect them_________________ 4. Please list four trends occurring in the construction industry. Use of computers to assist in design and construction
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cee498exam1_spring2005 - NAME(PLEASE PRINT EMAIL CEE 498...

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