HW1 - CEE 498 HW #1 JD Carew did not effectively manage...

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CEE 498 HW #1 JD Carew did not effectively manage CCC’s MSE wall construction project. He allowed the project to fall far behind schedule, to potentially loose profitability, and become dangerous and disorganized. When hired, JD was given four basic duties. Due to his lack of leadership, vision, and control, he was unsuccessful in addressing all four of his responsibilities. The remainder of this paper will cover each of the four responsibilities and talk about how he failed and where he could have improved. His first responsibility was to coordinate all of the subcontractors on the site. An unsafe environment was created when JD did not follow up on the requests of the panel crew for Wauna Excavating to not work on the same while. JD’s lack of commitment to the panel crew’s request forced the foreman of the panel crew, Bert, to confront the foreman of the backfilling crew, John Weasle, directly. By not asserting his authority and failing to look out for the welfare of his subcontractors, he allowed Wauna to dictate the condition of the project. The fact that Bert felt he had to bypass the project manager and take care of his quall directly with Wauna showed Bert’s lack of faith in JD’s ability to execute and gave Wauna more influence over the other subcontractors and the project as a whole. When rains caused flooding in the location of the foundations for the second two walls, the panel crew again was left to fend for themselves when JD’s half-hearted effort to get Wauna to pump the water out failed. In order to continue the project, Bert’s crew had to pump the water out, taking manpower away from its intended task. This incident added to Bert’s frustration with JD and gave Wauna another inch of influence on
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HW1 - CEE 498 HW #1 JD Carew did not effectively manage...

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