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1) Cinder cone volcano forms in the middle of the jobsite This is an unknown-unknown risk because we had no idea about its occurrence. It is also a technological risk because it deals with jobsite conditions. Evacuate the site and get some geologists down there to investigate. 2) Owner declares bankruptcy This is a known-unknown risk. We have acknowledged the potential for it to happen but would not normally expect it. It is classified as a socioeconomic risk because of its inherent economic nature. Control strategy is to always be insured. Look for new owners of the project or look into owning the project yourself. 3) Jobsite is in the middle of a swamp This is a known risk because we knew we were building in a swamp when we took on the project. It could be a socioeconomic risk because of our obligation to protect the fragile swamp environment or it could be a technological risk because of the swampy condition of the jobsite. Control strategies would include backfilling or pumping out the swamp to
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