HW8 - CEE 498 Homework#8 Although Dons work ethic and...

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CEE 498 Homework #8 Although Don’s work ethic and history within the company is strong, as is evident from the beginning of the case-study, he made a few mistakes near the beginning of this project which could jeopardize his reputation. He was not completely forthcoming in his communications with the project owner and their representatives. He created a situation that could potentially destroy the communication lines between him and the owners and therefore complicate an already formidable task even further. Don’s attitude toward the owner showed that he did not feel a strong partnership. As he was writing his claim for a changed condition, he thought that he was ‘sticking it to the owner’ and felt that ‘the owner would be really teed off when he saw the claim’. This attitude of competition was inappropriate if they owner, CM, and Don were to be on the same team. Writing a formal claim of changed condition may be standard protocol and a necessary step in the documentation process but Don should have called and discussed the situation with the owner in order to show a cooperative attitude and be available to answer any questions to ease the project owner’s mind. Don’s preconceived judgments about John and the employees at the owner’s
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HW8 - CEE 498 Homework#8 Although Dons work ethic and...

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