HW9 - 1) CEE 498 Homework #9 Bill Donoghue was an extremely...

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CEE 498 Homework #9 1) Bill Donoghue was an extremely strong leader at Irvine Construction Co as well as in his other positions. He led with a combination of consultative and authoritarian style of leadership which allowed him to be a very successful project manager. He embodied many of the traits necessary to be a successful leader. He kept his subordinates involved in the project and he managed the projects well by keeping them on schedule. He made timely, yet sound decisions and instilled a sense of responsibility in his subordinates. Bill’s leadership qualities and his commitment to the principles of leadership were the reasons he was such a great leader at Irvine. Bill used a strong consultative leadership style as a project manager. By surrounding himself with highly capable people, he created an environment of proficiency. This instilled confidence in the management team as is evident by the comments made refer to how they done have to worry about contingencies with Bill at the helm. Bill was dependable, confident, and decisive. He was able to focus on problems between functions of his group rather than on issues within functions because of his careful selection of managers and foreman. Bill was consistent with the principle of developing a sense of responsibility in his men by telling them that they will have to take responsibility for their particular areas. He was very clear to his employees about what he expected out of them and encouraged them to set goals. His workers were selected based on experience, ability to handle responsibility, and effective goal setting. An authoritarian leadership role would have been exhausting and counter productive.
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HW9 - 1) CEE 498 Homework #9 Bill Donoghue was an extremely...

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