Homework #1 - CEE 498 Paul Arnevik JD Carew was not an...

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CEE 498 Paul Arnevik JD Carew was not an effective Project Manager of this construction project. He did not follow many of the project management principles that were needed for this project. Most importantly, he did not follow the five basic M’s of project management. JD did not take control of this project and he was not a leader. At times, it even appeared that he was not aware of the progress of the project. There is definitely room for improvement of the project management skills of JD Carew. Material JD did not manage the flow of materials for this project. He did not keep inventories and he did not properly schedule orders. This caused many delays in the project, which in turn lead to a more expensive project. A good example of this was when JD waited until the first two walls were near completion before ordering the panels for the walls and the supplies for the next set of walls. When the panels got there, they were the wrong panels. New panels could not be ordered in time to prevent the project from being delayed. Eventually Bert, the foreman of the panel crew, had to tell JD what panels to order. This was not Bert’s job, and was definitely something that JD should have been aware of. JD should have been keeping the inventories of the panels, not Bert. At one point JD even asked Loretta Pilsner, who was in charge of quality control, to keep an inventory of the panels. This was an absurd request. JD did not monitor the materials that the
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Homework #1 - CEE 498 Paul Arnevik JD Carew was not an...

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