Homework #8 - CEE 498 Paul Arnevik There are many things...

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CEE 498 Paul Arnevik There are many things that Don could have done to improve the communication between himself and the owner and his construction manager. Don was not entirely honest about the problems he was having with the concrete mix. His method of informing the owner was both deceitful and manipulative. Don should have considered the relationships he had with these people before deciding how to communicate with them. He should have more careful when approaching this conflict and when trying to resolve it. Don should have focused on the interests of both parties instead of their positions. Overall, better communication could have helped the resolution of this situation. One of Don’s first communication mistakes was his confrontation with Jim from ABC Dirt Company. Jim had a problem with the amount of clean up left around the bridge site. Don took the time to talk to him, but he was easily distracted. He did not give his full attention to the conversation. His initial motivation was to make a good impression, so it was obvious that he was not genuine in his intentions to resolve the situation. He did not make a note to himself to follow up on this situation, so there was no way to gain any feedback from this communication. Don did a poor job of informing the owner of the project of the problem with the concrete. He had already been having meetings with the owner, so his relationship with him was better then someone the he rarely talked to. They were definitely on a
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Homework #8 - CEE 498 Paul Arnevik There are many things...

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