Homework #9 - Homework#9 CEE 498 1 Bill Donoghue was an...

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Homework #9 CEE 498 1) Bill Donoghue was an excellent leader of Irvine Construction Co. His authoritative style of leadership allowed him to be a very successful project manager. He managed his people well by keeping them involved in the project and he managed the projects well by keeping them on schedule. He was a motivating leader with a clear vision. He was dependable and knowledgeable of his trade. He did not abuse his power and understood how it affected his role in the company. Bill’s leadership qualities were vital to his success as a project manager. It is very important for a leader to be knowledgeable of the field he is working in. Bill’s background allowed him to be just that. His Master’s Degree in construction engineering and ten year of project management experience allowed him to answer just about any question that came up in his profession. He his employees had questions, they were not afraid to come to him because they knew he could help them. Bill was a very proficient leader. Bill used an authoritative leadership style as a project manager for Irvine Construction Co. This was probably the best style for this environment, and his work results showed just that. He knew that for the Lying A cat cracker project he would need to be the ‘boss’. He understood what it takes to manage and lead a project, and this was the type of leadership style needed for this project. He was very clear to his employees about what he expected out of them and encouraged them to set goals. Bill was very good about keeping schedules. The people he
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Homework #9 - Homework#9 CEE 498 1 Bill Donoghue was an...

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