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Homework 1 - Homework 1 CEE 498: Construction Management...

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Homework 1 CEE 498: Construction Management Russel, Fall 2008
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University of Wisconsin – Madison As is apparent from the I-35W bridge collapse on August 1 st of last year, the job assign to JD of overseeing this project is one of great importance. Not only is he responsible for making sure the project is completed on time and within budget constraints, he is also charged with upholding the standards of safety and reliability people expect from Civil Engineers. More importantly, he is working on a system of transportation where failure could mean loss of lives. JD functioned as the project head hired by CCC, and therefore was responsible for looking out for their best interests. JD should have followed the basic project organization skills that any good project lead should know. He was disorganized and lacked communication, which caused both problems in having materials available for CCC and in keeping a schedule for the subcontractors he was supposed to have coordinated. JD should have developed a revised schedule for the labor and materials. Having a dynamic schedule would have helped him in this matter, as well as keeping detailed records and taking into account lead times in dealing with materials. Also, having a good ordering schedule would have eliminated the frequent downtimes due to lack of materials, which JD would only order when supplies were low – completely ignoring lead times. Because JD failed to revise the schedule (the consulting firm’s was said to have been found flawed 1 month in), panel deliveries were not being delivered on time. In addition to this, JD ordered the wrong panels when supplies were low. The root cause of this failure is JD’s
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Homework 1 - Homework 1 CEE 498: Construction Management...

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