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Homework 7 CEE 498: Construction Management Russel, Fall 2008 University of Wisconsin – Madison CEE 498 Construction Project Management Homework #7 - Communication Below is a case study, read it carefully and then follow the instructions at the end. 1
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CONTINENTAL CONSTRUCTION Don Carver was an experienced construction general superintendent. He worked long hours, led by example, and enjoyed an enviable reputation for getting the job done. Several of the hard working old hands had taken a personal pride in mentoring him and developing his abilities. They knew that he understood how things should be in the rough, tough world of hard money, fixed price contracting. Don had built a successful career at Continental Construction in the seven years since joining the company and the vice president of operations had personally selected him to be general superintendent and project engineer on the Blue Line Light Rail project. The assignment was a considerable challenge. Many felt that Don would be stretched by both the scope and complexity of the work. The fact that Continental had left 12% on the table in the bidding process (bid 12% lower than the next closest bidder), and the harsh reputation of the owner created a fierce sense of determination as the project got underway. It was going to be a tough job. Don was a little depressed, but determined, as he closed what had already become a well-worn copy of the general conditions and turned out the light. It was getting on towards 1:30 am and for the last six days Don had been spending 12 hours a day at the project office setting up the Project Engineering Files and trying to read the Specs on a catch-as-catch-can basis at night. He knew this was not working well as he had found himself on the receiving end of severe AOW criticism from the Construction Manager and his staff during the first meeting with the owner held earlier in the day. He did not have a great big office staff who could check every detail. It was a tight job and he had to make progress in the field. The Project Start-Up Team was still setting up the Schedule and Cost Codes but the Owner wanted to see only two things-the Schedule, which was due as soon as possible, and some action in the field. Don knew he had two good reasons to get something, anything, going in the field: the PM would expect it and the Vice President of Operations wanted it. Don would fix everything tomorrow. He was up and in the office after a quick job tour at 7:00 am. Jim, from ABC Dirt Company, was already parked in front of the trailer. Although he was complaining that the bridge site had a lot more clean up and clearing than he originally thought, Jim was willing to go to work immediately “to make a good impression,” he said. Don made a note to check on the extra work at a later date when he had more time. As he turned the page in his Daytimer to write a reminder to check clearing at the bridge, he recalled something he had read last
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Homework 7 - Homework 7 CEE 498 Construction Management...

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