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Unformatted text preview: 901-948-0681 CEE 498 Construction Project Management Homework #7 1. The “Better Schedule Performance” model: Y = -4.717 + 0.904(1x0x6) + 3.409(0) -19.31(1x.10) + 0.055(12) =-5.988 = ey / (1 + ey ) = .002503 = .2503% Probability of Success b. The respondent should be the contractor, the contract should be a lump sum cost, and the project manager should have a higher education level. They should use a constructability program. They should have a lower turnover rate percentage per year. They should have more budget updates per year. 2. The “Better Cost Performance” model: Y = -3.798 +113.4(.03) - 10.07(.02) - 0.828(0x 2) + 0.942(2) + 0.176(12) + 0. 779(0x4) = 3.3986 = ey / (1 + ey ) = .99927 = 96.76% Probability of Success b. The control system cost should be a higher percentage of the total budget, and the expected team turnover rate should be lower per year. The respondent should be the owner and the number of control meetings should be less during the design phase. The number of control meetings during the construction phase should be higher. The number of budget updates should be higher, and the project managers technical experience should be higher. ...
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