Hwk #8 - 901-948-0681CEE 498 Construction Project...

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Unformatted text preview: 901-948-0681CEE 498 Construction Project ManagementHomework #8Construction Continental had recently won a new job, and appointed one of their most trusted and experienced employees, Don Carver to head up the job. As general superintendent and project engineer on the Blue Line Light Rail project, Don was responsible for a lot of work. Such a big project involved many people, and Don needed to establish a good relationship with them, particularly those who had major influence on the outcome of the job, such as the owner. A good relationship must be backed by excellent communication, a quality partnership, and trust. In dealing with John, the Owners Construction Manager, Don made several mistakes leading to conflict in the very beginning of the project. Furthermore, the adversarial relationship that formed between Don and John came at a unfortunate time-a small crisis in clearing the site that would set the crew back in time and money.Before trust and a quality partnership can be achieve, effective communication must be established. Although John attempted to communicate with Don on the first day, Don decided to disregard the good measure. He listened to what John had to say, however he did not honestly communicate back with John. There are two forms of communication, and although Don verballycommunicated with John that he was committed to creating a partnership, his letter was an effective non-verbal communication that he had little respect for the Owner. This is a typical problem in communication; assuming Don did not realize the extent to which the partnership would be ruined, his behaviorof sending the letter was not representative of his intentto complete the job on time and in budget. Therefore the mixed messagesent to John caused him to react to the stronger message, the letter, rather than the previous days...
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Hwk #8 - 901-948-0681CEE 498 Construction Project...

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