Hwk #9 - CEE 498 Construction Project Management Homework...

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CEE 498 Construction Project Management Homework #9 Bill Donoghue works for Irvine Construction Co. and is a respected and experienced employee. He has had lots of experience in leadership roles and has been very effective in commanding authority over those he worked with. Bill was recently placed in three leadership positions, Project Manager for an upcoming project, Company Chair for the energy consumption committee, and Chair of social committee in his neighborhood Civic Association. Bill had different resources for each of his leadership positions, and as such was forced to approach each position with a different leadership style. As Project Manager for the upcoming Flying A cat cracker project, Bill was at first hesitant to accept the role. The project was very complex, and the schedule had little room for error. However, he agreed to the position and immediately proceeded to choose the members of his team. He did so by choosing co-workers he had worked with in the past, or those who received good performance appraisals from others. He made sure each team member had enough petrochemical construction experience, was willing to take responsibility, and possessed goal setting behavior. Most importantly, he choose co- workers who could take responsibility and lead in their own area in order to relieve some of the stress on Bill, and create extra time in the schedule. Bill’s planning and leadership proved very effective. His team members relied on him to solve any problems that arose, creating a positive attitude on the site. Each area worked efficiently independently which allowed the other areas to depend on each other for quick and efficient completion. As PM, the leadership style Bill should use is Participatory.
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Hwk #9 - CEE 498 Construction Project Management Homework...

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