Hwk #1 - 901-948-0681CEE 498 Construction Project...

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Unformatted text preview: 901-948-0681CEE 498 Construction Project ManagementHomework #1CCC Inc. hired JD Carew as a project manager for a large upcoming project. The project consisted of rebuilding several bridges, repaving roads, building a new interchange between two roads, and building six mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls. JDs duties consisted of coordinating the subcontractors on site, ordering materials needed, performing work with the projects owner, and lastly looking out for CCCs best interests. After 4 months, the project is already over-budget and behind schedule. The causes of this are seen in the very beginning, before the project even started. Effective planning is necessary for any successful project, and although JD attempted to create a project schedule, it was not used and the large amount of money spent on the project was wasted. In the Facility Delivery Process, the planning stage has the greatest influence over project cost. Lack of planning caused several problems for JD on the project. First, when erecting the MSE walls, two sets of crews were working on the same wall leaving potential for safety hazards. With proper planning, this dangerous situation would have been noticed before construction and avoided. Second, JD did not order the panels for the walls until the supply was low, and when the order turned out to be incorrect, construction was delayed. Had he ordered the panels in advance, there would incorrect, construction was delayed....
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Hwk #1 - 901-948-0681CEE 498 Construction Project...

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